Volleyball & the Community

The SBVC club was established in Jan 2009, evolving from the debuted 2007 Rainbow sports club. As the club has grown the volleyball has also developed with teams rising up the league tables, becoming more and more successful. The club offers members a variety of opportunities to play and participate in volleyball, operating in both the summer outdoor and winter indoor seasons. This has allowed the club to offer members a chance to play court, beach or grass volleyball, for fun and at competitive levels. These playing opportunities allow the club to reach and cater for a larger percentage of the community, by providing short term (one day events), mid-term (one evening per week – pick-up (no commitment)), and long term (team participation and competitive performances).



To encourage volleyball the club is committed to introducing the sport to young audiences. This allows children to become familiar with the game, pick up basic skills and have fun. Developing children at early age helps stimulate more youngsters taking up volleyball as their main sport, and in turn supports the club and local volleyball community.


Currently Team Birmingham Volleyball has four satellite clubs in schools in the West Midlands and Black Country. These are in-school and after school training sessions for children aged between 11 and 18 years (male and female).




Additional to the competitive and training opportunities the club provides to its members, there are 2 further sessions – Go Spike. These sessions are aimed at local residents who want to participate in a sport with no commitment (financially or time). These sessions are open to all at any level (beginner to experienced) and all ages (junior through to senior).


These sessions are a good opportunity to interact with many people who either have never played volleyball or who have never considered playing on a team. The sessions are often well mixed with a wide demographic from the local area.


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